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Just getting started

Posted on: March 28, 2009

Hey everybody,

I want to personally thank you for coming on my page. I am typing this on my brand new laptop and it took weeks to decide if was going to buy it or not.

Since you took the time to visit my page, I just want to tell you about myself.

I am a 23  ( going on 24 in a few months) year old college student, who is a communications (public relations) major and psychology minor. I have one younger brother and we live with our aunt.

Next quarter will start my final 5 classes needed to graduate. So for the next few months I will be on the grind with finding an internship, planning my future and planning a wonderful graduation party.

I started this blog for several reasons:

1) Every time I ask people in the public relations profession about how to start in the business, they often say start a blog.

2) I see that so many people have blogs, I want to challenge myself and see if I can create a successful one. If not, at least I can say that I have some experience

3) Finally, I find myself in this life transition with no way of  chronicling my thoughts, feelings and experiences down. I want to share what’s going on with me and communicate with others who maybe experiencing similar events. Possibly , I can learn from others’ experiences and they can learn from mine.

Thank you for visiting my blog, stay tuned for updates about current events, my life or other interesting things on the web.

Have a good remainder of your weekend

-Sabrina- The Roberts Report


1 Response to "Just getting started"

Hey Sabrina, this looks great, and it’s cool that you have a purpose for your blog. Mine was a potpourri of my thoghts and reviews of the comic book industry that I love so closely, but I may start chronocling some of my journalism endeavors as well. well see you soon!
BTW thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

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