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The GLAAD Awards

Posted on: April 20, 2009

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. Twenty course units, 15 word hours, eating and sleeping take up most of my time;however, I did get an opportunity to volunteer at the L.A. GLAAD ( Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Deformation) awards on Saturday.

It was an experience to remember as I checked in the guest and had a large dose of celebrity sightings- finally!
The most memorable moments for me was seeing Bishop Gene Robinson make a speech about love and acceptance from God and loving ourselves. Then it was the awesome experience of seeing the ” L Word” cast accepting their award and looking back on the show that I fell in love with my freshman year of college. Then, Kathy Griffin accepted her vanguard award in a bikini, gasp!

As I looked around and pinched myself in that moment, I wondered about the role of representing marginalized groups and communications practitioners such as pr professional and journalist.

I would love to work for an organization like GLAAD because it combines social messages of acceptance and education while fighting for equal and fair representation in the media.

The media shapes so much of our understanding I wonder what will my place be as a future media representative but also as an African American woman as well.

My job will be to represent my clients in the best light and serve as a communicator between the organization and the publics; however, what if there is little diversity or representation? How does one make peace with that? Can a pr practitioner give advice to include diversity or understanding of race, sexual orientation or religion in the organization. Can a pr practitioner give advice about how to relate to the different needs of various demographics.

I will definitely look at the issue of cultural media representation and the entertainment field.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading and I will write more soon.

For more information about the LA GLAAD Awards go to :


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