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I graduated ya’ll

Posted on: June 17, 2009

Hey everyone, this is Sabrina Roberts from “The Roberts Report”. I haven’t been writing because I was taking 20 credit units during a quarter system ( a new quarter starts every 11 weeks) plus work. I’m back.

Graduation was beautiful. All of my classmates were there and we were celebrating our accomplishment together. Later I went home and had a party with my family and just celebrated the day.

I was a rollercoaster ride to get me where I am today and I know I must be open to the new opportunities ahead.

From the last time I wrote, things are looking much brighter. I may have an internship at Cal Poly’s public affairs office and I recently got a reply from Metro, a major Los Angles transit company.

Hopefully in the next few months I will grow more as a pr professional and as a person. I am so excited and I will keep everyone posted on the blog about my experiences as a graduate, intern and entry level employee ( man that feels good)

Thanks for reading and watch out for new post.

Signing out, Ms. Roberts on …. The Roberts Report



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