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The positives of graduating this year

Posted on: June 17, 2009

In the midst of dismal unemployment stats and news of the economy, it is hard for a pr student…. well any student for that matter to break into the industry. In the article, ” I wish I Were Graduating This Year” blog post  by Jeremy Porter, talks about the advantages new pr/journalism students have and how they can make it in spite of the hard economic conditions.

Some points her made were

  • Students today can help bring their older employers/employees up to speed wit social media because we have incorporated it into out lives
  • Today’s students are more comfortable with technology. This knowledge is vital because as a society we are at a cusp where technology must be understood and used for daily life.
  • News and PR industries are transforming practically overnight. Recent graduates can adapt to these changes and be prepared for it because they are in it.

For more info, the article link is

Great article,I even added it to my blogroll. Stay encouraged my pr people and recent graduates!

Thanks for reading and come back soon…

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