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I found this interesting article that talks about when journalist switch to public relations. This makes sense when you think about all the cuts that have been made in the newspaper industry, combined with the economy, it will make many news professionals consider a pr career.

Jon Greer talks about how he made that transitions and the adjustments one must make such as

  • switching from answering to an editor to working for a client
  • adjusting to a business/corporate atmosphere
  • different experiences in pitching stories
  • need for marketing skills

It is a pretty neat article, especially for those either entering pr and/ or transitioning from journalism

Here’s the link


Hello readers… long time no see.

Well I am the one to blame for that one. Summer has been going well after graduation. For one thing, I have been interning at my school’s public affairs office and it has been great! I have learned so much more than in the classroom. Yea, there has been some frustrating events, but those have been caused by my inexperience and should lessen in the future. My internship focuses on news writing , which is great because I can strengthen that particular skill. Other than that I just been enjoying my last summer as a student and hopefully by the same time this year I would be a pr professional.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Signing out…. Sabrina Roberts from the Roberts Report

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