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Does motherhood compromise success? (Image found on the Whatnot at Work blog)

Hey !

This is Sabrina, I listened to one of my favorite Youtube personalities and he mentioned a Good Morning America story about pay equality,child rearing and the connection to success. As a recent graduate, the whole reason why I went to college, completed internships, joined Linked In , and keep up on the latest pr/marketing news is to be a better professional. If I decide to become a mother, would all of my efforts be in vain?

I may want to become a parent one day, and although it may come with sacrifices, my ability to “clime the ladder” should not be one of them. But I guess this study furthers the argument- “Can women have it all?”

Hmm this is something to think about. But it is also something we should bring awareness to and try to fight. Mothers are workers and fathers are workers too, thus should have equal pay for equal work.

However, what about women who decide to drop out of work after having kids, can there be a transition to get them back into the working world without the huge penalty?

The GMA report explores why childless women and mothers have a success and pay discrepancy.

Check it out :

OK readers, thanks for comming on my page. Comment. Share your thoughts on this topic. Are there any ambitious career women who want to have children? Or are there mothers who aspire to become career women?

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The Roberts Report


Hey everyone!

I told you that I would be back. I stumbled upon this article from Rosetta that describes Generation Y ( those born between 1980-2000).

The findings are broken down into several categories: Education,Work Ethic,Racial Make-up, Family , Financial Outlook, and Technology.

Here are a few fun facts from the article:

” Generation Y is more ethnically and racially diverse than older generations, with people of color making up about 40% of our population…Half of all young people of color are Hispanic”

“So far, 1 in 5 Millennials are college graduates. An additional 26% are currently in school and plan to graduate from college, while an additional 30% are not in school but expect to someday earn a college degree.”

“About 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds have been underemployed or out of work during the recession, the highest share among the age group in more than 30 years… Nearly 2/3 of all Millennials have full- or part-time jobs…13% of all Millennials are students who do not work for pay.”

If you want to check out the article then go to this link :

Ok, thanks for stopping by. I will post more articles and give more thoughts in a day or so.

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The Roberts Report


My name is Sabrina Roberts, and it’s been 352 days since my last blog post.  I guess this year has been really hectic but here is the major run down of what has happened to me since then.

  • I officially graduated this March even though I walked in 2009. I had to complete an internship which I completed in March of 2010.
  • I ended my internship at the Cal Poly Office of Public Affairs and in between that time I began an internship at the Marketeers Club. I miss my Public Affairs family and I love my Marketeers family. So at one point I was a public affairs intern, marketing intern, and writing tutor at the same time for 4 months.
  • I had a major death in my family. My dear Aunt Brenda passed away Jan. of this year while all of this was going on. I miss her dearly. Basically without her, I wouldn’t have a place to live for 5 years nor be able to finish my education. I miss her very much.
  • I had to have total custody of my autistic brother while figuring out how to support myself. It has been a journey, but my brother is such a blessing in my life and I want to be better for him.
  • I have gone on interviews but without success. However, with each interview I learned a little bit more from my successes and failures.  I have some interviews lined up so I will keep you posted on how they go, my experiences, and what I learned.
  • I turned a quarter century old- the big 25!
  • I went back to school and took a marketing course and I will take a adverting course in the fall.
  • I went to San Diego and had a blast!

Overall, that is what has  happened to me over a course of a year. So the direction I want to take with this blog is posting up pr links, current events, and lessons I have learned by going on interviews. Stay tuned, the Roberts Report is back.

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