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Hi Readers!

It’s Sabrina.

I was looking to post this article sooner but I lost track of it.  In July, the Huffington Post had posted several video journals the educated and jobless.

It is a blessing to have an education. However, to earn their education and not have any prospects betrays the promise that was given to them as children.

I know I am a part of Gen-Y, the so called entitled generation. However, the college = better opportunity connection has been drilled into out brains since elementary school. Then we reach high school and volunteer, work, intern, take AP classes, take the SAT’s and order to get to the right school. Then we reach college in order to work some more, join clubs, volunteer,  intern some more, just to have the perfect combination of experience on our resumes.  By the time we search for a job, after all of this work, we are called entitled? Generations past didn’t have to put in a fraction of the work required to compete in the job market. If you had a little bit a college then you can get a living wage.

This is not a rant but a frustration that many of us feel when entering this job market. Although one story stuck out with me when a 45 year old college graduate had to face the same realities as a Gen Y grad. People are going back to school in droves to update their skill sets or find new ones. So what is the answer? Is college still worth the investment, or should more people be steered into technical tracks? It is is a discussion that has been mentioned before, but should really be considered as graduates become jobless under the weight of student loan debt ( that can not be discharged in bankruptcy).

Well take a look at the stories of out of work but educated people.

Also here are the videos from the participants.

Isha Mehmood, 23

Samantha Kreindel, 24

Mark Alfson, 45 * He is not Gen Y, but is a returning student with the same frustrations.

Loren Wearsch, 23

Marquez Forrest, 23

Alex Moroz, 22

Joelle Andrews, 26

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment and tell me what do you think of these stories?

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Hey Readers,

I stumbled upon this Huffington Post article about strange scholarships. I know money is tight, especially with the rising cost of education. So what do you have to loose? Applying to these scholarships can be fun, and a big help covering those tuition or book prices.

Here is the list

1) KLI Academic Award: The Kor Memorial Scholarship: A language studies scholarship

2) American Association of Candy Technologists Scholarship: A $5000 scholarhship for food science, chemical science, biological science majors interested in confectioneries

3) Michigan Llama Association: Become a member, earn a 2.7 or above, and you may get $500

4) American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship:  H.S students answer questions about sprinklers and are eligible for $1,000 scholarship

5)  Tall Clubs International Scholarships: Hey are you 5″10 ( for the ladies) or 6″2 ( for the fellas), you can be eligible for this scholarship… side note…. I’m 5’3, where is my shorties scholarship ( aw well maybe I can create my own)

6) Excellence in Predicting the Future Award: Hey Nostradamus, if you get the stock market predictions correct you can be eligible for up to $400 in scholarship money

7)   Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship: Are you into fortune telling? If you wish to become a parapsychology major, you can get $3,000 for your interest

8 ) United States Bowling Congress (USBA) Scholarships: The USBA has a pot of $6 million to give for college bowlers

9) Collegiate Inventors Competition: Invent something great and you can get $10,000-15,000 in scholarship monies

10) Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest: Are you a sci-fi writer? This scholarship of $500,$750, or $1,000 may be for you

11) Zolp Scholarship: Umm… is your last name Zolp and are you Catholic ? Then go to Layola university because your are getting a free ride!

Well there you have it. Eleven out of the box scholarships for you to explore.

Here is the link for more info:

Thanks readers!

Signing out, Ms. R

Hi Readers!

It’s me again with some interesting stories of the week.

For many of us out there, we are going back to school and restructuring our skill sets. Many jobs that were lost due to the recession are not coming back. So people are forced to learn new skills and try new careers.
However, when people go back they may pursue a major that can find them the most profitable career in the least amount of time. had an article that featured careers that don’t require a four year degree and are very lucrative. However, they do require some form of secondary training, more specialized, and are a bit more technical.

1) Court Reporter
2) Fire Chief
3) Air Traffic Controller
4) Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Manager
5) Director of Security
6) Elevator Mechanic

For more information here is the link :

Thanks for reading,

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Hi readers,

Before I go to sleep, I wanted to share some funny videos I found on YouTube.

There is a part 1&2 and they spoof the “Office” and add some real facts into the video.

Until later my friends! It’s Ms. R signing out!

Part I

Part II

Hi readers,

Here is an article that I read on Black Enterprise called “Millennial: The New Breed of  American Worker”, and it had an interesting take on how we (Gen Y ) are  shaking up the workplace.

First it showcases a young man named Eldridge Betts, and how he turned his inability to finish college ( due to financial reasons)  to an opportunity to join the Marriott International Inc. Scholar Program.

Then the article mentions several points:

  • Gen Y’s employment stats went from 50% to 41 %
  • We are going to be the most educated generation in American history
  • Gen Y values diversity, teamwork, and ideas more than experience and seniority
  • We also value connecting with others
  • Have an instant gratification mentality and views paying your dues differently
  • View our careers as always changing and always evolving

I have heard these things before but instead of saying Gen Y is flaky and spoiled like everyone else does, these can be viewed as strengths ( except the instant gratification thing…) So employers, don’t paint us with one broad brush. We are the future of the workplace and have so much to offer to your organizations.

If you want to read more here is the link:

So readers, tell me what you think?

Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

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Hey readers,

I linked this blog page in my last post but it seems to have good tips so I want to show it again.

Photo from the internet

Hey readers,

I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. I am going to be blogging this week and keeping you updated on the latest news.

As I was trying to find an article that my cousin is featured in ( I still haven’t found it, but if I do… I will post it soon), I stumbled upon this Black Enterprise article called “Economista: How to Pay for Grad School”  which discuses ways to pay for furthering your education.

I agreed with two of the suggestions which are :

1) Apply for grants: Grants saved my financial life, literally .  I am blessed because I have no student loan debt. That means no collection calls or mailings coming my way. However, if I want to go to grad school this will change.  I want to wait and break into the pr field first before I consider going back to grad school. I am taking a few refresher courses at my community college in addition to working there and fortunately I qualify for a fee waiver so my costs are low.

2) Be a graduate teacher’s assistant: This is a great way to earn money, experience, and an education at the same time. I applied for this kind of position but I wasn’t chosen. However, I would be open to this kind of job in the future. The article also found a link that gives advice on the grad and college experience:

3) Withdraw from the IRA account

However, I questioned their third suggestion which was to withdraw from an IRA retirement account. I am fortunate enough to have a retirement account offered through my job as a student English tutor. However, if I were to draw from it, I will be subject to taxes and penalties  for being too young. The article explains that educational expenses are not charged a penalty but I personally would feel uncomfortable tapping into this account unless it is an emergency. I am not a financial advisor by any means but I would leave my IRA alone.

Also, I read a comment that also added that jobs will reimburse students for furthering their educations. Look at your company’s tuition reimbursement policy or contact hr ( or any other benefits department for details)

If you want to look at the article, here is the link :

Ok readers, look out for more post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Brina signing out on,

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