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Think you are middle class? Well here are the signs.

Posted on: September 1, 2010

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It’s Ms. Roberts signing on and ready for duty.

I found an article a few days ago on Yahoo! that gives the six signs if a person is middle class.  A couple of years ago, answering this question would be a no-brainer. Now, I am not too sure. For example many people own homes, but have upside down mortgages. Other people are educated, but make $35,000 per year and owe $100,000. Some may have nice cars, but one missed payment can put an already economically strained family in danger of a repossession. Factoring these situations, who can we call middle class?

Well according to the article there are six signs that one is middle class.

1) Home ownership

2) Car ownership ( New York- you guys are exempt because I heard that many NYC folks don’t drive cars, but that could be a stereotype)

3) Sending kids off to college

4) A solid retirement

5) Have health insurance

6) Being able to go on vacations

So there you have it. If you can say you have all six then CONGRATS! you are middle class. But what does that mean nowadays?

The middle class is getting squeezed harder with taxes, juggling the appearance of the American dream, and the taking the weight of extra work left by laid-off workers ( and fearing they would be next).

Coming from a lower middle class family from the westside of Detroit, being a suburbanite was the dream my family had. When we did move to the burbs ( in central Florida) , it was a shock but we were proud to be there. I was so proud that I even wrote about it in our community magazine (smile). Now that I have graduated ( and many others like me) my generation has to ask ourselves, “Can we get the piece of the American pie too, or will be the first generation to be worse of than our parents”

I hope I can fulfill the promise of so many family members who sacrificed for me to become educated. As many grads stand in welfare lines, live at their folks place, and make the rounds at the department store, we sometimes as ourselves, ” Is this it, is this my American Dream”

Well to end on a more positive note, I think we will obtain it. Gen Y just have to be smarter, quicker, and more savvy than any generation that preceded us. So tell me what do you think. If you are Gen Y or not, where does the middle class stand in society now?

Where will the middle class be in the future?

Here is the link to the story:

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