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Unemployment Rates Won’t Budge, What is a Nation to Do?

Posted on: September 4, 2010

Chart from Yahoo! article "Survey: Fewer Workers Wanted This Labor Day"

Hey readers,

It’s Sabrina with a couple of job news updates.

This week Yahoo! release a couple of articles regarding the economy, jobs, and labor day weekend.

In “Survey: Fewer Workers Wanted This Labor Day” it discusses which jobs listings/announcements were in demand and which were on the decline.

  • It also said  that companies are seeking more management positions, but there are still 3.4 people competing for the same job. Well, look on the bright side… I heard that it used to be 6 people for every position but… moving on.
  • It also said that the Midwest and West coast had some gains (probably mainly in Texas, but that is a just a guess)
  • Good news for people in major metropolitan areas the top five places for job postings are: NY, Washington DC, LA,Chicago, and Boston.
  • Surprisingly, there was a decline in health care postings. For years we have been told to pursue the medical field because that’s where the demand is. I see that everyday because I work at a community college and normally the students have to wait a year after completing their prerequisites to enter the medical programs. So does this mean that the demand for health workers is starting to wane? Only time will tell.

Here is the link to the article:

Thanks for reading and comment below. No matter what your job situtation is right now. Enjoy your labor day, relax and take a break from the job searching to just have fun. See you on Tuesday.

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