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Want to go to grad school? Here are some tips on how to pay for it.

Posted on: September 12, 2010

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Hey readers,

I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. I am going to be blogging this week and keeping you updated on the latest news.

As I was trying to find an article that my cousin is featured in ( I still haven’t found it, but if I do… I will post it soon), I stumbled upon this Black Enterprise article called “Economista: How to Pay for Grad School”  which discuses ways to pay for furthering your education.

I agreed with two of the suggestions which are :

1) Apply for grants: Grants saved my financial life, literally .  I am blessed because I have no student loan debt. That means no collection calls or mailings coming my way. However, if I want to go to grad school this will change.  I want to wait and break into the pr field first before I consider going back to grad school. I am taking a few refresher courses at my community college in addition to working there and fortunately I qualify for a fee waiver so my costs are low.

2) Be a graduate teacher’s assistant: This is a great way to earn money, experience, and an education at the same time. I applied for this kind of position but I wasn’t chosen. However, I would be open to this kind of job in the future. The article also found a link that gives advice on the grad and college experience:

3) Withdraw from the IRA account

However, I questioned their third suggestion which was to withdraw from an IRA retirement account. I am fortunate enough to have a retirement account offered through my job as a student English tutor. However, if I were to draw from it, I will be subject to taxes and penalties  for being too young. The article explains that educational expenses are not charged a penalty but I personally would feel uncomfortable tapping into this account unless it is an emergency. I am not a financial advisor by any means but I would leave my IRA alone.

Also, I read a comment that also added that jobs will reimburse students for furthering their educations. Look at your company’s tuition reimbursement policy or contact hr ( or any other benefits department for details)

If you want to look at the article, here is the link :

Ok readers, look out for more post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Brina signing out on,

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