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Need a Scholarship? Learn Klingon… Or Join the Llama Club: Strange Scholarships

Posted on: September 19, 2010

Hey Readers,

I stumbled upon this Huffington Post article about strange scholarships. I know money is tight, especially with the rising cost of education. So what do you have to loose? Applying to these scholarships can be fun, and a big help covering those tuition or book prices.

Here is the list

1) KLI Academic Award: The Kor Memorial Scholarship: A language studies scholarship

2) American Association of Candy Technologists Scholarship: A $5000 scholarhship for food science, chemical science, biological science majors interested in confectioneries

3) Michigan Llama Association: Become a member, earn a 2.7 or above, and you may get $500

4) American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship:  H.S students answer questions about sprinklers and are eligible for $1,000 scholarship

5)  Tall Clubs International Scholarships: Hey are you 5″10 ( for the ladies) or 6″2 ( for the fellas), you can be eligible for this scholarship… side note…. I’m 5’3, where is my shorties scholarship ( aw well maybe I can create my own)

6) Excellence in Predicting the Future Award: Hey Nostradamus, if you get the stock market predictions correct you can be eligible for up to $400 in scholarship money

7)   Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship: Are you into fortune telling? If you wish to become a parapsychology major, you can get $3,000 for your interest

8 ) United States Bowling Congress (USBA) Scholarships: The USBA has a pot of $6 million to give for college bowlers

9) Collegiate Inventors Competition: Invent something great and you can get $10,000-15,000 in scholarship monies

10) Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest: Are you a sci-fi writer? This scholarship of $500,$750, or $1,000 may be for you

11) Zolp Scholarship: Umm… is your last name Zolp and are you Catholic ? Then go to Layola university because your are getting a free ride!

Well there you have it. Eleven out of the box scholarships for you to explore.

Here is the link for more info:

Thanks readers!

Signing out, Ms. R


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