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Voices of the Educated and Jobless

Posted on: September 19, 2010

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I was looking to post this article sooner but I lost track of it.  In July, the Huffington Post had posted several video journals the educated and jobless.

It is a blessing to have an education. However, to earn their education and not have any prospects betrays the promise that was given to them as children.

I know I am a part of Gen-Y, the so called entitled generation. However, the college = better opportunity connection has been drilled into out brains since elementary school. Then we reach high school and volunteer, work, intern, take AP classes, take the SAT’s and order to get to the right school. Then we reach college in order to work some more, join clubs, volunteer,  intern some more, just to have the perfect combination of experience on our resumes.  By the time we search for a job, after all of this work, we are called entitled? Generations past didn’t have to put in a fraction of the work required to compete in the job market. If you had a little bit a college then you can get a living wage.

This is not a rant but a frustration that many of us feel when entering this job market. Although one story stuck out with me when a 45 year old college graduate had to face the same realities as a Gen Y grad. People are going back to school in droves to update their skill sets or find new ones. So what is the answer? Is college still worth the investment, or should more people be steered into technical tracks? It is is a discussion that has been mentioned before, but should really be considered as graduates become jobless under the weight of student loan debt ( that can not be discharged in bankruptcy).

Well take a look at the stories of out of work but educated people.

Also here are the videos from the participants.

Isha Mehmood, 23

Samantha Kreindel, 24

Mark Alfson, 45 * He is not Gen Y, but is a returning student with the same frustrations.

Loren Wearsch, 23

Marquez Forrest, 23

Alex Moroz, 22

Joelle Andrews, 26

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment and tell me what do you think of these stories?

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