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PR Related Link… Good Read!

Posted on: December 18, 2010

Hello Readers!
While I was wondering  through the internet, I stumbled upon three interesting public relations related articles. This is the first one.
Erika, from the “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid Blog”, gives six pieces of wisdom for new public relations professionals, courtesy of her Twitter mentors.
  • First she advises that new pr pros keep up with integrated communications technologies and disciplines. For example, one should learn about marketing, advertising, and technology so one can get a general feel of how business communications and brands are connected.
  • Then she says math and writing skills are essential to being a competent pr professional (yes she said math!). I was taught that math is vital because  the ROI    ( Return on Investment) of pr campaigns must be measured and justify why it is there in the first place.  A department must prove that the campaign worked ( with  more customers which equals more money)  or identify what did not work so the same costly mistakes will not happen again.
  • Then she recommends that pr pros write well, no explanation needed right? I took a total of three journalism writing classes, a pr writing class, and two English writing classes ; in addition, I had to write numerous papers and reports for other social sciences classes. With all of that preparation, writing is not a science, especially in the world of public relations. One must be a Jack or Jane of all trades, read often, and learn about different subject to communicate these ideas to the general public. What is the foundation of all of this? One must have the fundamentals of writing ingrained in his/her skill-set  and keep practicing.
  • Finally, she talked about networking, developing one’s brand, and learning. These are all interconnected because when one is networking to find a job, connection ,or a mentor, that person will have to have a “brand” to present to these prospective connections.  One must know/understand/use social media, make sure not to put unflattering pictures or information on these sites, and present oneself in the best light online and off.
  • Then a young pr professional must connect with other professionals ( LinkedIn is a great tool, and has help me tremendously with my networking skills).  I also went to conferences and workshops (See ” Think LA Advertising Career Fair” )  These experiences allowed me to get out of my shell, ask questions, and seek mentors.  Also, seeking mentors is essential for any career, especially pr.
For more information, visit :
Thanks readers, and I will blog again soon.
Ms. R. Signing Out,
The Roberts Report

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