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Become a Mentor: Giving Back

Posted on: May 23, 2011

It’s a new year and many students are gearing up for graduation and anticipating their start in the real world. However, because of the recession, some may wonder, “What would the future hold for these graduates?” And why should seasoned career professionals care? Well, we all remember that we were once rookies and how we hungered for success during those entry-level years. No one becomes successful in an isolated bubble. Many senior employees invest their time and bestow knowledge on others because they received the same treatment when starting out. There are good perks in it for the mentor as well. A mentor can be the link between the company and new talent. A mentor’s network can be expanded by linking up with other mentors. If there is no mentorship program at the company, one can set a precedent for others to get involved. This can display the mentor’s willingness to go the extra mile, and create a positive image for the company at the same time. When mentors share their expertise, they are forced to evaluate their own skills as a byproduct of the relationship. Since the mentee may be more tuned to new technology and current industry theories, there can be an exchange of ideas.

According to the Los Angeles Times, many people who graduate during a recession won’t find an entry-level position which hinders their earnings potential and career choices decades later. To get started, professionals can contact their local college career centers or academic departments to offer their time. There is also a need for people in the industry to give classroom presentations and become the “face of the company”.  Also, the company may want to establish a mentorship program. This can create a direct link to new talent and make it easier for other employees to get involved. No matter what route one chooses, a professional’s guidance will make a great impact on a young person’s life. Eventually, the mentee will become a mentor and the cycle will continue to everyone’s benefit.


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