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Class of 2011

Posted on: June 19, 2011

First of all, congratulations class of 2011! It is time to celebrate becoming educated adults who will embark on a journey to promising careers.

What does the future hold for you? Jobs are coming back slowly but young people have been hardest hit in this recession. Although landing that first full-time gig seems daunting, with some effort, a combination of skills, some networking and personal-branding tactics, recent graduates can stand-out from the competition.

One good resource to gauge one’s skills against what is needed in the industry is the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Career paths such as market researchers and marketing managers are featured on the website.

Next, new graduates should get involved in career building activities such as working as interns. A college degree by itself is not the golden ticket to a dream job anymore. It only gives you the basic credentials to compete for a job, but perseverance helps to win the race.

Job search should not be a solo endeavor as networking is essential to finding a good job. Creating a LinkedInprofile can help organize your professional and academic accomplishments while networking with other people and groups to jump-start opportunities. In major cities, events such as Network After Work, allows grads to mingle with marketing, communications, and other professionals in a more relaxed setting.

Since marketers are the masters of branding, students should consider their skills, experiences, and personality as the parts of a full package and brand themselves accordingly.  University of Miami alumnus and Landor Associates CMO, Hayes Roth, embodies this philosophy when he says, “We all have personal brands…Like all brands, they change over time.  Think about what you love doing and what you’re good at and find skills that compliment this and promote these skills to companies.”


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