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Grad School Journey? Ms. Roberts is at a crossroad

Posted on: October 9, 2011

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What should I do?

Hello everyone!

The Roberts Report is coming back with new stories and new reflection in my job search journey.

The good news:

1) I got a new job as a writing consultant in addition to my writing tutor. I juggle two jobs, at two different colleges, in two separate counties.

2) I am on the path to applying to grad school, which wouldn’t be possible without this new job… let me explain this logic.

My first position as a writing tutor has a cap at 20 hours per week. With this new position I can work upwards to 36 hours a week with a higher pay rate. I can afford my living expenses if I work 30 hours a week and may apply for a writing tutor position at my future university’s writing center.

Long story short: I am at a cross-road.

It has been my dream to get a master’s degree, but I am very passionate about the public relations industry. During these two years of attending workshops, gaining new skills, taking on more internships, and talking to mentors, it seems as if my professional life has stalled.

I have thought of giving up, but my ambition won’t let me.  I would be miserable if I didn’t start my career but I would be miserable if I am still at the same place two years from now.

With this new job, it opened an option that I didn’t know was possible.  I am applying for an integrated marketing communications master’s program.

I am interested in communications/ media research and how to apply it to the public relations field.  I hope getting this degree will get me closer to me goal of establishing a career.  The good thing is that my new educational goal has given me new hope of a future, which was something I didn’t have a few months ago.

I took a month-long break from job searching to regroup and came to this decision. Who knows , I may be able to find a career, but it looks grim.

During the next few months I will attend conferences and apply for freelance writing internships to keep my skills sharp. I also manage a start-up business’s social media websites.

Overall, I am still trying to get established. This is pretty much what has been going on with me.

This post has a bit of optimism with a hint of pessimism, but hey, that is the reality of job searching. The pessimistic side of us brings to reality and gives us something to strive for while the optimism gives us dreams to dream and the strength to carry on.

I will keep all of you updated!  Thanks for reading and enjoy your workweek!

– Signing out…. Ms. R.


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