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Everyone has strengths that cannot be measured in a one-size-fits-all standard.  Some workers are great writers, others are excellent mathematicians, and a few have great customer relations skills. Companies can use the multiple intelligences theory and modify instructions for greater productivity.

Created by Howard Gardner, developmental psychologist and Harvard professor, the multiple intelligences theory suggests that people have several types of skills and using only the IQ test to measure intelligence is limiting. People use several combinations of “intelligences” to help them better absorb and process information.

Spatial people like to solve problems and interact with the world visually. Linguistic people love words and languages and excel at written and verbal tasks – blogs, social media, internet forums, newsletters, or emails are great communications tools for them. Logical people are great at logical and numeric tasks. Solving problems and investigating are their strong suits. An Interpersonal person can also be labeled a “people person”.  They understand others’ needs and emotions; this allows them to provide excellent customer service and be persuasive.

Author Marcia L. Conner, wrote a book detailing how people can use their innate abilities to learn better and faster.  She then gives examples of how learning styles can influence one’s career.

“…an energetic residential Realtor, loves her job most when she’s walking around houses, running her hands over the walls, or touching the upholstery of a couch. Although she learns a little from her clients when they set up their appointment on the phone, she knows she will understand them better when they walk around a home together.”

Although this is an educational theory, managers can use this information to design more engaging presentations, enrich workshops/ seminars, and develop their staff’s cognitive abilities. Moreover, if workers understand their own learning styles, they can modify how they execute plans and maximize results.


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I will be posting the stories I contributed to the Marketeers Club. com newsletter. Enjoy!

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“You can call us the millennial generation…., young people, gen Y, the MTV generation, call us whatever you want to but ordinary”.

“For my generation, politics doesn’t mean a bumper sticker or yard sign. It’s not necessarily a rally or a protest …lobbying…It’s doesn’t  always mean voting.  [gasp]”

– Erica Williams

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As I promised on my LinkedIn page, I will blog about a video I found over the weekend from a Pop Tech 2009 YouTube video. Pop Tech is a conference in Maine that deals with popular culture and the internet (

There was this speaker who talked about Generation Y and how we engage in the political process ( if you have kept up with my blog, you know how much I love to discuss anything Gen Y–  I bet you did not know that I love politics even more, but I don’t discuss it that much on this blog).

Here name is Erica Williams and I simply loved the speech she gave to the audience about our generation and how we want to change the world.

Here are some of the highlights of her speech.

Erica Williams, has engaging anecdotes and compelling messages about the power of Gen Y. She begins with her father’s last sermon and the message she carries with her.  After his death, she wrestled with living up to her father’s legacy while accomplishing this in her own way.  She found a solution with politics. Her passion is infectious while she eloquently describes the plight, thinking, and actions of the Gen Y political process.

  • She said by 2020, every person of this generation will be of voting age during a presidential election, which will be 103 million people… 90 million will be eligible to vote, and 40% of the electorate
  • She admits that she doesn’t like politics and on average this generation doesn’t like politics

(I must agree to a certain extent. I love watching cnn, reading up on the latest political news, watching online shows like “The Young Turks” to get a outside perspective of what is going on. But what turns me off is the infighting between parties, stalled progress, policies that are against my best interest, and baby-boomer centered polices while ignoring everyone else)

  • We are the most civically engaged, but this is not expressed through traditional means. In order to engage Gen Y, politics itself must be redefined
  • Then she talks about the healthcare town hall debates last year. There was an absence of young people at those rallies. However, it was erroneously assumed that youth absence equaled youth apathy. But the healthcare debate impacts Gen y as much as any other person. The number one reason why young people do not have health insurance is because of the cost…. Sound familiar…. It is not invincibility or lack of concern, it is a lack of resources

Remember the rule in the Obama healthcare plan which allows a person to stay on his/her parent’s healthcare plan until 27, she explains that her organization helped rally and get that section passed in the bill.

  • Instead of going to the  town halls, younger people researched the bill online, then collected petitions and signatures online, established an online forum, then they gathered video testimonials by young people and described how they were personally affected by the broken healthcare system, then they sent all of this information/data to the same legislators that were at the town halls, then the youth representatives were called to Washington and spoke with the legislators  face to face, then they spoke to Nancy Pelosi who put the new age provision in the bill.

Williams talked about more things in the video. I suggest that you check it out. I really love how she is passionate about GenY issues and I want to look into the Center for American Progress even more. I am really interested about how politics affects this generation. I don’t want to sit on the side lines and wait for legislation to “happen” to me, but to change it for me.

Here is the video link ( I couldn’t embed it… sorry):

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While I was wondering  through the internet, I stumbled upon three interesting public relations related articles. This is the first one.
Erika, from the “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid Blog”, gives six pieces of wisdom for new public relations professionals, courtesy of her Twitter mentors.
  • First she advises that new pr pros keep up with integrated communications technologies and disciplines. For example, one should learn about marketing, advertising, and technology so one can get a general feel of how business communications and brands are connected.
  • Then she says math and writing skills are essential to being a competent pr professional (yes she said math!). I was taught that math is vital because  the ROI    ( Return on Investment) of pr campaigns must be measured and justify why it is there in the first place.  A department must prove that the campaign worked ( with  more customers which equals more money)  or identify what did not work so the same costly mistakes will not happen again.
  • Then she recommends that pr pros write well, no explanation needed right? I took a total of three journalism writing classes, a pr writing class, and two English writing classes ; in addition, I had to write numerous papers and reports for other social sciences classes. With all of that preparation, writing is not a science, especially in the world of public relations. One must be a Jack or Jane of all trades, read often, and learn about different subject to communicate these ideas to the general public. What is the foundation of all of this? One must have the fundamentals of writing ingrained in his/her skill-set  and keep practicing.
  • Finally, she talked about networking, developing one’s brand, and learning. These are all interconnected because when one is networking to find a job, connection ,or a mentor, that person will have to have a “brand” to present to these prospective connections.  One must know/understand/use social media, make sure not to put unflattering pictures or information on these sites, and present oneself in the best light online and off.
  • Then a young pr professional must connect with other professionals ( LinkedIn is a great tool, and has help me tremendously with my networking skills).  I also went to conferences and workshops (See ” Think LA Advertising Career Fair” )  These experiences allowed me to get out of my shell, ask questions, and seek mentors.  Also, seeking mentors is essential for any career, especially pr.
For more information, visit :
Thanks readers, and I will blog again soon.
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Well, another year is about to leave us and we are at the dawn of a brand new one.

I have been missing in the bloggosphere, and missing you as well.

I have been been wrapping up my courses ( I know… I graduated a few months ago but I wanted to expand my knowledge and take an advertising/promotion class)

I have continued working as a writing tutor and online intern……

Also, I have been gearing up for the holidays, buying gifts, planning dinner……

In the midst of all of this, I have been interviewing, revising my resume, and trying to gain more experience in public relations.

My wish for the new year is simply to become the business professional I aspire to be, learn more about myself , and become a better person in 2011.

So readers…. what do you wish for the new year.

Signing out….

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Happy Holidays from the Roberts Report!


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Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!

I know what you are thinking, ” Long time no post Sabrina”. Well, I guess the I ‘m busy… didn’t have time… yada yada … excuses are played out so I will move on ( but sorry about that, and thanks for sticking with me)

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Think LA Advertising Career Fair. It was great! I had an opportunity to learn more about the ad biz , network with different companies, meet great – like minded students, and visit an ad agency.

In the morning, two ad professionals gave us general and specific to advertising  job hunting tips.

  • First, they encouraged us to do diligent research of any company- beyond the website. In the advertising field, there is also something called a Red Book. It gives in-depth information of ad agencies in a particular area.  For more info go to
  • Then they encouraged us to use LinkedIn to connect with advertising professionals and companies
  • Also, they encouraged us to set up informational interviews and tour the agency. Sine many agencies specialize in different areas and have difference environments, visiting them enables one to find out what they want and get noticed by the company
  • Then they went over the basics such as having a one page resume, crafting the cover letter

Then I had the fortune of attending the RPA ( Rubin, Postaer, and Associates) tour . About 40 of us attended a presentation that went through an entire ad campaign from start to finish.  Representatives from each department gave presentations about what they did and how it contributed to the campaign. They incorporated online, tv, and 3D elements to their ad campaign ( we even got to view the 3D commercial ourselves) We were left with souvenirs like a detailed booklet of the presentation and our awesome 3D glasses.

All in all, it was a great day. I connected with advertising  professionals, learned more about the business, and was able to visit an agency. I recommend this event for anyone who wants to learn more about the ad biz. It was a two day event, but I was unable to attend the second  day.  The event cost $25 for each day or $40  for both days.

For more information follow this link and look out for more events in the future:

Thanks for reading! I am going to go out and enjoy my Halloween and I hope you do the same.

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It’s Sabrina.

I was looking to post this article sooner but I lost track of it.  In July, the Huffington Post had posted several video journals the educated and jobless.

It is a blessing to have an education. However, to earn their education and not have any prospects betrays the promise that was given to them as children.

I know I am a part of Gen-Y, the so called entitled generation. However, the college = better opportunity connection has been drilled into out brains since elementary school. Then we reach high school and volunteer, work, intern, take AP classes, take the SAT’s and order to get to the right school. Then we reach college in order to work some more, join clubs, volunteer,  intern some more, just to have the perfect combination of experience on our resumes.  By the time we search for a job, after all of this work, we are called entitled? Generations past didn’t have to put in a fraction of the work required to compete in the job market. If you had a little bit a college then you can get a living wage.

This is not a rant but a frustration that many of us feel when entering this job market. Although one story stuck out with me when a 45 year old college graduate had to face the same realities as a Gen Y grad. People are going back to school in droves to update their skill sets or find new ones. So what is the answer? Is college still worth the investment, or should more people be steered into technical tracks? It is is a discussion that has been mentioned before, but should really be considered as graduates become jobless under the weight of student loan debt ( that can not be discharged in bankruptcy).

Well take a look at the stories of out of work but educated people.

Also here are the videos from the participants.

Isha Mehmood, 23

Samantha Kreindel, 24

Mark Alfson, 45 * He is not Gen Y, but is a returning student with the same frustrations.

Loren Wearsch, 23

Marquez Forrest, 23

Alex Moroz, 22

Joelle Andrews, 26

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment and tell me what do you think of these stories?

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