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Would you trade places with a 2009 graduate?

Posted on: March 31, 2009

Hi everyone!

Today I have the day off because of Cesar Chavez day, so I wanted to update my blog and look at more internship opportunities. However, I found this article on the PRSA blog, PR SAY and it talked about the job outlook for 2009 graduates and how the “still employed” can help.

It is encouraging to see people with experience willing to help students starting out by giving advice and giving tips about how to weather this economic storm. A few weeks ago, I decided to google as many pr firms I could find and ask about any internship opportunities for the summer. Only one person called me back.

We had a long conversation about how to get in pr, what do do, starting a blog and other things. He asked me about who I was and what I am looking for in the industry.  I don’t think that person knows how much it meant that he called me back, internship or no internship.

When I wrote my pr ethics codes for my pr theory class, one of the things I included was a pr practioner’s duty to help underclassmen and entry level employees. While no one is obligated to help anyone eles, it is a good thing to do. I want to have the opportunity to help someone else once I make it.

It is tough out there. I can remember a time that I would walk by my school’s career center center poster board and see it covered with job opportunities. Now its practically bare and not filling up as spring approaches.

I am worried, like many of my peers .  Yet I must tell myself that it is going to be ok and I must do everything in my power to make myself competitive in this ever so tough job market.

Well, thanks for reading my post and I will write soon.

From the Roberts Report , I’m Sabrina Roberts- signing out


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